Hi, I'm Pablo

I am a Fullstack Software Engineer based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from Madrid, Spain, but have called myself a Berliner since 2009. I currently work for Enpal GmbH in the Marketing & Sales Tech (Growth Tech) team, building the future of green tech.

My love affair with technology started at a young age - building hobby websites and hacking around fixing, upgrading and (of course) breaking any systems I had at my disposal. My educational background is in Civil Engineering and have professional experience in varied (usually customer-facing) roles. My strong suit is a deep curiosity for how things work paired with strong communication skills.

Most of my programming experience to-date is related to fullstack web development and, while I specialize in frontend work at my day job, I certainly do not shy away from backend related tasks. DevOps and infrastructure are two special interests of mine, and I make a special effort to continue learning in that area and sharing my knowledge with colleagues. I have done presentations at Enpal's bi-weekly Tech/Architecture meeting related to CI/CD and Infrastructure-as-Code (on Azure).

I generally love learning new things (I very often read Wikipedia for fun!) and am not afraid to tackle new challenges. If you want to reach me, you can do so on GitHub or LinkedIn: